There are no shortcuts
to authenticity


Somerville, MA

Our cidery is located in the heart of Somerville. We’re passionate about making modern American cider, which at its core, pushes beyond traditional styles. Our philosophy is simple; to use great fruit and ingredients to make unique and memorable cider that’s approachable and enjoyable to drink. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to be told when something is good, we think you immediately know it when you try it.

What really matters

We use the best local apples and ingredients we can find. We use real honey, hand grind peppercorns and crush our own ginger. We choose to create our own flavors from real ingredients, not from manufactured essences, extracts or concentrates. This isn’t the easy way of doing things, but it allows us to make ciders with nuance and authenticity of flavor. This really matters to us.

Our Story

Bantam begins

America’s first apple orchard was planted in Boston in 1625. As of 2010, Massachusetts was home to over 300 thriving commercial orchards. And while the craft beer boom was in full swing, craft cider was still largely unknown. Michelle da Silva and Dana Masterpolo set out together to change that. And, that’s where the story of Bantam really begins.

Wunderkind is born

A small space on Dane Street in Somerville was the incubator for what would become Bantam. We used a sturdy Jack Lalanne to juice apples and old wine jugs to hold the fermentations. Countless experiments and blind tastings helped us hone our first recipe. But it was pure serendipity that brought us to Westport Rivers Winery where we eventually made our first batch to bring to market.


Full speed ahead

For over a year we hand delivered cases and kegs out of our beat up hatchback to nearly 150 accounts across the state. We had the battle scars to prove it was the right time to partner with a wholesaler to continue growing Bantam. Within a few months of handing over the reins on distribution, Bantam was available in over 400 locations.


A home at last

After 18 months of weekly trips between Boston and Western Massachusetts or Buzzards Bay, we were ready to put our travelling road show to rest. When we walked into the large empty space that had once been home to the White Rose Baking Company, we knew it was for us. Our search was finally over, and we decided to put down solid roots in Somerville.

The first of a kind

Opening the first cider taproom in the state was our chance to introduce local craft cider to the Boston area and beyond. We followed a design philosophy of shoestring budget minimalism and transformed our rough industrial space into something a little softer and more welcoming. Creativity born from limited resources worked well for us then and has ever since.



Our beloved bombers first gave way to 12 oz glass 4-packs and then, with the launch of The Americain, we introduced our first 12 oz can. Though we loved our sleek and elegant large format bottles, the market was telling us cans, and we decided to listen.


Inspiration and Innovation

Our concept of modern American cider is rooted in an unfailing curiosity about ingredients and discovering combinations of ingredients that together make something special. While Wunderkind, Rojo and The Americain were building a following, we continued the hunt for that amazing new cider we hadn’t yet created. 2017 saw the introduction of Hibiscus Mint, Smoked Saison, Buzzwig, Papi Chulo, and Ginger Beer.


Infinity and beyond

Today we have over a dozen ciders that are distributed in nearly 1,500 accounts across 5 states. Whoever said it takes a village was right, because we couldn’t have done this without you. Bantam’s ecosystem is a great big web of suppliers, distributors and retailers who make what we do possible. We’ve had many successes along the way but know there is so much more for us to do. The future is bright, so grab your shades. We’d love for you join us on the road ahead.